About Me

Who the Hell is this guy?

My name is Eric. I’m just a guy in his late 20’s who grew up on a steady diet of Hellraiser and Calvin and Hobbes. I also went to film school in Chicago.

Something Interesting

  • I co-host a horror podcast. ITS ALIVE! HORROR PODCAST is a FREE podcast where we gawk and geek over pop culture and horror.
  • Jaws is my favorite movie. I once owned a certified piece of the Orca.
  • I worked on the remake of A Nightmare on Elm Street.

Why Sad Dracula?

I am not a sad sack. I promise. Sad Dracula has been with me since 1996. It all started when I was grounded from Trick R’ Treating during Halloween 96′. My punishment? Dressing up but NOT being able to actually get candy. Savage.