Midnight Trailer Treat: Scarecrow (1988)

So I decided show a trailer to a not so popular movie that would be fun to watch at Midnight.

This midnight trailer treat is an interesting one. The year 1988 was full of tasty horror: Childs Play, A Nightmare on Elm Street 4, Hellraiser II, and it was full of beautiful hot garbage like Rabid Grannies and Dead Heat. And of course our main course.

https://youtu.be/lAa5K-NrBqM Scarecrow Trailer

As you saw, the plot features ex-military criminals encountering Hillary Clinton…I kid…they encounter an evil ass Scarecrow. I implore you to watch this movie with a cocktail. You will enjoy it. Please buy the Scream Factory DVD. They are literally the custodians of horror. I was not paid for that.

Really cool fact before I go; Peter Deming was the Cinematographer for this movie. He would later move on to shoot Evil Dead II, Dragon Me To Hell, and Cabin in Tlthe Woods!

Ain’t that some shit?

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