Rob Zombie’s new horror film – 31

Rob Zombie  has unleashed the first trailer to what looks to be his most brutal film yet!

The film focuses on five carnival workers who are kidnapped by sadistic clowns ( known as The Heads ) on Halloween night. The carnies are forced to play a survival game called “31”. It’s kill or be killed for 102 brutal minutes!

Witness the trailer for- 31 Trailer

What makes this movie special is that it was fanbacked by horror fans! This was a brilliant move by Zombie. He loves his fans as much as they love him. It’s a beautiful relationship that will give us a brutal and bloody show!

What I can’t wait to see is RZ’s new characters he has created. He puts so much time and effort on creating legendary character. I am certain we will get a handful of bat shit crazy ones in 31. Just check out the names below! AMAZING!


Doom Head


Psycho Head

September 16th can not get here any sooner! The return of brute horror is eagerly awaited by a legion of horror fans…including this one!

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