Ghostbusters Debut Song. Everybody Relax.

The  new Ghostbusters song is released. This means that the world will protest. But I’ve got news for everybody. This song is actually really fun, really cinematic,and pretty darn cool!

I would like to address one simple thing in regards to the new Ghostbusters film. I am not a casual fan of the original movie. I am what you would call a D Rated fan. I can’t even tell you the names of each character. Yup.

So what I’m trying to say to you is this; I’m watching the reaction that the new Ghostbusters movie has created. Everybody is having a negative reaction. People, just be cool. Just have fun. The original films are not going anywhere I will always be here for you. Be grateful and happy that you get another movie. I bet once you relax and have a good time you will see and experience this fun I speak of. Do it.


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